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Friends and Family,

With a grateful heart I am asking for small contributions of $5 or more towards the tuition of two sustainable living and permaculture internships I am taking in Thailand this Fall. They were recommended to me by my friend and tropical permaculture expert Christian Shearer who is featured in the informational video above.

These courses are two weeks each at neighboring farms near the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The good news is—I’m already in Thailand! Your donations will go directly towards the two course fees which are $330 a piece. I am hoping to raise $500, or about 3/4 of the total tuition. If I do not reach that goal, your pledges will be fully refunded.

About the classes:

“Food Matters” Nov 8-18 at the Pun Pun Center
Cost: 10,000 Baht (USD $330)

Pun Pun is an organic farm, seed-saving center, and sustainable living learning farm. The center was founded in 2003 to grow and preserve organic food, and to host workshops on self-reliant, sustainable ways of living.

“Food Matters” is a 10-day hands-on course on sustainable living techniques and how to put these techniques into practice.The course will focus on ways to grow, plant, preserve, prepare and understand our food and will be a combination of organic gardening techniques, alternative technology, and self-reliant living techniques. The workshop will include introductions to:

Organic Gardening skills:
Pun Pun philosophy of living and seed saving
Garden bed making techniques for different seasons and situations
Taking advantage of composting, manure, and other fertilizers
Harvesting for consumption

Cooking and Health topics:
Thai vegetarian cooking, sauces and chili pastes
Baking and breadmaking with an earthen oven
Fermentation, pickling, wines and Kombucha
Homemade jam, soymilk, tofu, and farmer’s cheese
Food and earth as healing

“Permaculture in Practice” Dec 2-16 at the Panya Project
Cost: 10,000 Baht (USD $330)

Founded in 2007 after years of planning, The Panya Project is an international community of people working to create a self-sufficient farm while also providing opportunities for people to experiment and learn about permaculture.

“Permaculture in Practice” is a 2-week hands-on course covering the basics of permaculture, natural building, gardening, and sustainable forestry. Courses include:

Permaculture Design Theory
Intro to Permaculture – History, theory, ethics, terminology of permaculture
Permaculture principles – Permaculture strategies, goals and principles
Design methodology – Design process from analysis to design to implementation
Urban design – Integrating permaculture in an urban environment

Permaculture Practical Theory
Soil and composting
Gardening – Digging and planting gardens
Forestry – Planting trees and tree guilds
Natural building – Building houses using natural methods and materials

Why take both?

Studying at both Pun Pun and the Panya Project together, especially in such proximity, will allow me to experience two different farms where self-reliant, sustainable, and organic gardening practices have been effectively established. Each class individually will be a giant learning and growing opportunity, but combined they will offer a deeper level of understanding and practical application.

In return for your support of any amount, I will be sending out updates from Pun Pun and Panya with photos, writing, and Thai recipes you could try out at home. Make sure to email me at adbphotos@gmail.com to get on the list!

With love and gratitude,


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