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A campaign by Richard Perkins
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Raising funds for an All-In-One Quad powered cultivator, seeder & packer...

The All-In-One Pass Quad bike Cultivator, seeder & packer we want to import at reduced price for grain, oil, fodder, carbon & veg. crop production at the farm/  We've been offered over $1500 discount if we purchase by the end of the month.  The video is not our own, rather an overview an introduction for anyone interested.  We are hoping to use & adapt this for our farming needs, along with a whole range of other Quad powered tools explained below.


We’re setting up Scandinavia's first dedicated demonstration & training farm for Permaculture, Keyline Design & Holistic Management.  We’ve been on the ground 2 months and have already changed the pattern of land use beneficially for generations;

5 Weeks into the season; Keyline patterned multi- layered perennial cropping over Holistically Planned grazing

Animals grace our pasture strips mimicking natural systems between the perennial cropping lanes and we are immersed deep in our pioneering educational program training up a new wave of existing & future farmers and integrative designers for our shared future.  This campaign is aimed to be a potent exchange (& possibly a little goodwill) towards shaping an innovative future.

About Us

“Farming, Innovating & Educating for the benefit of all”

We're partnering with nature to transform an old Swedish farm into a dedicated Regenerative Agriculture & Permaculture hub. Ridgedale PERMACULTURE is designed as a pasture and perennial crop based beyond-organic local food producer and dedicated educational hub in Värmland, Sweden.

A flagship project for the region, Ridgedale PERMACULTURE is Scandinavia’s first Keyline designed farm & dedicated Regenerative Agriculture/ Permaculture education site.  We offer world-class innovative and targeted trainings with some of the leading global figures in the field via teleconference, headed up by Richard Perkins & Yohanna Amselem.

At Ridgedale PERMACULTURE we see our primary responsibility as regenerating landscapes, ecosystem processes & soils through resilient, replicable, scalable and profitable symbiotic farm enterprises. Our secondary responsibility is to educate, facilitate, inform and empower people into action through regenerative design, enterprise and holistic decision-making that fosters and stimulates local community, economy and resilience. 

We use Holistic Management as a framework for Decision Making (as well as Grazing & Financial Planning), and openly share our process, which you can read in more detail here


What we’re aiming for

We’re looking to power every major element & system on our diverse farm with a simple diesel fueled Quad ATV, as we have no need for big & costly equipment now the major systems work is complete (save Keyline subsoil development and dam building);

Keyline-ripped and bedformed high quality perennial cropping lanes

We are fast tracking the development of this project to unleash potent learning opportunities for others, and like to engage with different forms of capital creatively.  We’re offering services of deep & lasting value in exchange for making this innovation happen for us to then share with many more people.  Our farm is purposely designed with systems that are scalable & replicable; many of the systems we demonstrate are elements we design into all sizes of agricultural systems, throughout various climate zones. 

Agriculture around the world is largely debt based and poorly compensated considering this once noble profession secures some of our most basic tangible products of value that we virtually all depend nearly entirely upon.  Whilst we own & use big machinery where appropriate, there’s just no excuse for using a lot of oil and oversized machinery for operating our 10 ha farm other than for Keyline subsoil work & dam building.

What are our options?

As with any farm, we have many jobs that need animal, people or machine power.  We specifically wish to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels, and have been considering our needs & resources for the future, running them through the Holistic Management testing questions.  Whilst animal’s can provide a lot of reliable draft power, we lack the resources & land to manage this.  We have a lot of people passing through the site, but predominantly for educational purposes and it feels inappropriate to rely solely on this force for labor.  Most importantly there will always be critical work at times of year where there may only be 2 people at the farm.  All things factored in, a very multi-functional low energy consuming machine feels most appropriate for us.

We want to make every drop of oil go as far as possible, and so in researching our options we have decided that a robust diesel powered quad bike would best suit our needs, potentially performing so many functions that we can run the farm without relying on additional labor beyond our core team.  A Diesel engine allows us the possibility to convert to local waste oil supply or make biofuels out of our own crops too.

·      Cultivating & Seeding Grain, Fodder, Oil & Main crops

·      Cutting hay

·      Possibly Baling hay

·      Maintenance cutting

·      Compost Tea Field Spray Applications

·      BioFertiliser Field Spray Applications

·      Cover Crop Roller/ Crimper

·      Collecting harvested crops

·      Transporting Mobile Saw-Mill

·      Hauling Timber to storage

·      Collecting & Hauling Firewood

·      Snow Clearance

·      Wild Food collection

·      Boat Haulage for fishing

·      Livestock transport

·      Mobile Fencing moves

·      Egg-Mobile moves

·      Road transport

Multiple functions; everything should perform at least 18 functions! Quad powered All-in-one tillage/seeding/packing machine, adaptable trailers for logging/ haulage/ livestock movement, Compost tea/ Biofert spray applications, Hay cutting, Cover crop crimping to name a few.   With the set-up we are funding we can grow grains & fodder crops for our livestock enterprises as well as oil/ grain/ veg crops for the farm.  (As well as all the other functions listed above, all with a very small machine running at 90mpg)

Ways we make things perform many functions already;

We are already creatively using local waste streams and building multi- functional infrastructure, which we see as key to running a successful regenerative enterprise.  For example, the Bison 2.0 below, in it’s current Egg- Mobile use (made out of free local timber saved from being chipped & burnt);


It served originally as a mobile Tree- Planting Support Wagon, then in the winter the Egg- Mobile jacks up and the wagon goes back to timber collection as the layers de-seed our Polytunnel.  It can also be used as a charcoal wagon with the hand made basketry sides we renovated from our barn.

Another example is our Yeoman’s 6SB Keyline Plow which we are modifying it for BioFert/ Compost Tea application, Seeding and high quality Tree-Bed preparation.  Making machines do many jobs (particularly at the same time) is vital in running regenerative enterprises and effectively utilizing resources.  We offer a hire-out service locally to others wanting to set up long- term robust systems.

Where will the money go?

The list of jobs that can be performed with a Quad set up is impressive, and we have been researching different options on the market.  We particularly like the gear from the US geared at planting Game Plots, which is somewhat unavailable in Europe currently.  Regarding cultivation/ seeding in particular an all-in-one-pass machine called the Plotmaster http://www.theplotmaster.com/ has caught our attention (pictured at top).  We have been offered a very good deal on some gear from the US if we purchase by the end of the month (June). 

The fundraiser is for the immediate costs of the All-In-One cultivator/ seeder/ packer that allows us to plant things like grains to close the loop on our animal systems, sunflower as an oil crops and green manures/ field scale veg. We will buy the quad bike and other attachments ourselves unless we raise an extra amount of money, explanation below;

The PLOTMASTER™ HUNTER 400                                $ 4504

Cultipacker Attachment                                                    $ 695

Reversible Tooth Spikes/Chisel Plow Attachment         $ 386

Shipping/ Import                                                               $ 2200

                                                                                   Tot. $ 7785

If we raise more than our goal we will put it towards other implements/ mod’s that will allow us to perform the whole list of functions we need at the farm.

Snow Plow attachment                                                      Adapt our current gear

Horsedrawn scissor (hay) mower                                      $ 400

Livestock trailer                                                                   Adapt our current gear

BioFert/ Compost Tea Sprayer                                         $ 875

2nd hand stick welder                                                          $250

Shipping/ Import                                                                  $ 1200

                                                                               Grand Tot. $ 10,500

The total cost to be able to perform all of these 18 core functions (even with the addition of the Quad) is considerably lower than the purchase price of many single use pieces of larger Agricultural Equipment, with associated running costs obviously remaining much lower.  We can also potentially adapt any old horse drawn implements that will be useful at our scale of production, which are mostly robust in build, unwanted & relatively inexpensive.

How can we all support each other to be of benefit?

“Currently agriculture is producing more than ten tons of eroding damaged soil for every human alive every year when we only need about half a ton of food per human per year.  The only real wealth that can sustain any nation or global civilization is derived from sunlight through growing plant and animal life in regenerating soils and from regenerating ocean life.” Allan Savory.

We have got to produce food in a way that does not cost us the earth.

At Ridgedale we document all systems design, establishment & progress via our Blog & fB page.  As we adapt & modify machinery to perform all the functions we need it too in our specific circumstance we will release detailed “how to’s” on our own pages as well as also contribute to Open Source pages such as http://farmhack.net/tools

Currently we envision talking with European manufacturer’s in the coming years to tweek, refine & expand existing machinery based on what we feel Regenerative Enterprises need now and in the future (This could be a MUCH wider collaboration!).

One of our main objectives in our work is to support and empower both a local and global community so more folk’s go and establish small resilient local food systems & demonstrate viable & working solutions for the benefit of all.

By supporting us you are in fact supporting many folks engaged in learning how to farm and manage land more responsibly, designing their future’s and managing holistically.

Why is this work relevant to other’s?

As farming becomes increasingly debt/ oil/ resource & technology intensive and we hear of 'peak' everything more and more enterprises are searching out viable solutions.  From using solar powered Pick-Up trucks for seeding commercial wheat in no-till systems to innovative machine mod’s & adaptations such as found on innovative Open Source Platforms like http://farmhack.net/tools.  At our scale we need practical & adaptable solutions we can manage at times with few people & minimal inputs from outside. The Quad set up we envisage is applicable to a wide range of small enterprises, and has overlaps with innovation for larger operations also.  This is something we also demonstrate with our Keyline Plow, etc, being one of a kind here in Scandinavia.

Michael Inwood, “No Kill” pasture crop seeding with solar electric ute…

Beneficial Exchange; Why do we want your help?

We value financially independence & stability and would rather work for the benefit of all than take loans from large banks.  We did not budget for this expenditure this year, but see how beneficial it will be to be able to perform multiple functions at times when less people are around, as well as make good ground preparations early in the year for broader & more effective cropping in the next season.

Our rewards are targeted to direct beneficial exchange, through educational & consultancy services.  There are also smaller rewards for those who just wish to support us from goodwill.  Thank you so much.  Sharing this with your networks is also really beneficial to us as we have such a short time to leverage this opportunity;

 Please support us now!