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All I want for my birthday is a PDC!!

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A campaign by Jordan Float
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My 27th birthday is in a week! At the same time, a local PDC is starting in my area! I have been on a rabbit trail of research and discovery every since permaculture was presented to me and ever since I have been itching to take it deeper with a PDC, but we've never been able to afford it. This would be a present that never stops giving, both to me and from of me.

About 3 years ago, someone offered me a dollar to watch a video of where dairy comes from. This lead to my quest of discovering the environmental, political, and personal influences that come with my food choices. As I lived out the vegan ethics I began to understand them more fully and was inspired to spread this healing life-style to those around me. But some type of action seemed to be missing. I needed to directly challenge the practice of encasing the earth with pavement and I wanted to learn more about how plants relate to each other. Having earned a bachelors in biology where I gained a basic knowledge of ecosystems and life in general, I had a sense there must be something more. I never thought the revolution I was looking for was disguised as gardening, but permaculture connected all those dots and many more. 

My wife (a social worker currently working in teen pregnancy) and I now have the sincere intent to start a nonprofit in collaboration with permaculturists in Texas to serve pregnant teens through a holistic approach in which they can heal past traumas through interacting with nature and a community of love and resilience. We believe that as long as people carry the stress of being unable meet their essential needs, their capacity for creativity, and healing cycles of oppression and poverty will never be fully realized. 

Thanks so much!